Tailored equipment

Tailored test and process equipment
Relative humidity
Gas concentrations CO2 , O2

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thumbnail of CS-januar-2017-VS-8-SC-A-v3

Compact Vaccum Dryer VS-8 SC

thumbnail of CS-februar-2017-LSP-140 C-v2

Lab Coil Coating Curing Oven

thumbnail of CS-march-2017-TK-1800CKLTUF-v3

Ultra-Fast Temperature Chamber

thumbnail of CS-april-2017-GKZ-01-v7

Pharma Compressed Air Heating System

thumbnail of CS-may-2017-LIOSMART-8-5P

Freeze Dryer

thumbnail of CS-june-2017-HS-10-DVP

Recirculating Cooling & Heating System

thumbnail of CS-september-2017-LIO-25FP_v3

Freeze Dryer

thumbnail of CS-october-2017-TK-1000CK_kambic_v4

Temperature Chamber for field use

thumbnail of CS-november-2017-TK-1000CKLTUF_kambic_v3

Ultra-Fast Temperature Chamber for field use

thumbnail of CS-december-2018-PROLIO-4000VHP_v2

Freeze Dryer

thumbnail of CS-march-2019-IWB-420CCK_v2

Automatic Freeze-Thaw Cycle Unit